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Heart of the Night

Year Released

This may very well be my favorite song of all time. It’s just so smooth!

Poco is traditionally a country rock band but in the late seventies almost every act took a stab at disco (even KISS with their hit “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”). This is Poco’s, or rather, Paul Cotton’s attempt. Cotton is definitely one of my favorite singer / songwriters so I’m not surprised he was able to pull this off with such grace, but it’s the combination of Rusty Young’s slide guitar, Cotton’s angelic vocals and the drums that really bring it together. Plus, who can resist that sexy saxophone solo?

This song and the album it’s off of, “Legend,” is the only Poco album ever to be recorded without their drummer George Grantham, a favorite drummer of mine. This was because the album was originally supposed to be for a spin off group – The Cotton-Young Band – but their label ABC decided to use the name Poco instead. The drums, in this case, played by Steve Chapman, are exactly what the song needed – that off-beat, hi hat, disco groove, which allows those dreamy guitars and vocals to breathe in the foreground. I really don’t think it gets any more tasteful than this.

Bonus: this a performance that was filmed on Andy Gibb’s show “Solid Gold.”