My name is Michael Lynch and I am a front end web developer and UI designer.

Here on my website you'll find examples of my work, some personal work I do for fun, such as illustrations and print design, and my blog, in which I discuss and curate content regarding design, branding, social media, technology, music and more.

Featured Work

Jared Lindzon

A Wordpress website for Jared Lindzon, a freelance journalist.

Bell Let’s Talk

A promotional website for Bell’s annual Let’s Talk campaign.

Bell Moving Planner

A web application used to help you move.

Toronto Type

A Wordpress website showcasing typography in Toronto, ON.

Bell Social Portrait

A web application that allows you to create your own typographic portrait using Facebook and Twitter.

TEDxYouth NC

A Wordpress website for the TEDx Youth Nickel City conference.

YC Records

A Wordpress website for the Canadian, independent record label You’ve Changed Records.


A simple web application that allows you to track what vinyl you own.