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Country Road

James Taylor
Year Released

Preceding the song in this video is James Taylor’s explanation of how his friend Danny Kortchmar (aka Kootch) convinced him to give a demo recording of this song to Peter Asher, an A&R rep for Apple Records. Apple records had just recently been started by the Beatles and it wasn’t until Paul McCartney himself listened to the recording that James was given a full recording contract. I have to give respect first and foremost to James Taylor for writing such an amazing folk song but also to McCartney for recognizing this kind of talent.

Although this song was originally written in 1970, it is my opinion that it wasn’t until the mid eighties that the song truly came to life. A big part of that comes from Danny’s lead guitar and the amazing drum track by Carlos Vega, both of whom you see in the video above. Vega’s ‘solo’ at the 5 minute marker, lasting about 30 seconds, brings a whole new dimension to the song – something that wasn’t there in 1970. This entire session at James’ farm in Martha’s Vineyard is absolutely incredible (Squibnocket, recorded 1992). It’s just great to see such a classic song performed by such amazing session musicians.