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Cortez the Killer

Neil Young
Dave Matthews Band
Year Released

This song has and always will be very special to me for a number of reasons. When I first got to university, one of my new roommates showed this Neil Young cover to myself and our new friends living on the same floor. We all instantly fell in love with it singing it as a group where ever we were (usually after a number of beers). In fact, we still do occasionally.

At the time I wasn’t a fan of Dave Matthews or Neil Young but I have since explored Young’s entire discography at great length and now think of him as one of my favorite artists. If it wasn’t for my friend and this cover that may not be the case. So thanks guys. Thank you Dave Matthews Band and of course thank you Neil Young for writing such an epic story and turning it into the amazing rock jam it is.

Special thanks goes to Warren Haynes for ripping that incredible solo.