You've caught me mid development. I'm working on the site, so if you see something missing or broken, that's why.

Sarah Burke

Launched Sep 19 2016

Design, Development, Project Management
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • mySQL
  • Javascript
  • PHP
HRM Photography

About the Client

Sarah Burke is the Afternoon Drive host at FM96 in London, ON, a part-time swing jock at 102.1 The Edge in Toronto and a Music Director in Kingston, hosting the Classic Rock Evening Show on the former FM96 brand (now Big FM). She is also a personal friend of mine having gone through a similar program at Western University.

This project took a while to launch considering how simple it is. It was completed in the little spare time I had over the course of months, but it finally went live after only a few rounds of feedback. Sarah was kind enough to give me full reigns on the design, so this was a fun project in that regard. Identity design isn’t my strength, and I admit that shows, but otherwise, I’m quite happy with how it turned out.


  • Linux OS
  • Apache Web Server


  • HTML / CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • mySQL


  • Wordpress

Pre Processor

  • Sass

JS Dependencies

  • Grunt.js

PHP Classes

  • PHPMailer

API Integration

  • Twitter
  • Instagram


  • Object Oriented
  • Mobile First
  • Responsive
2 Person Team
3 Weeks
* The time spent on the project indicated above is the time it took to launch the project. Some projects are ongoing and some aren't. The time is generally accurate but in most cases it isn't exact. Most freelance projects were completed in the evenings and on weekends and most often not consecutively.


Dynamic Navigation

Seeing as this was a simple, one page site, the original concept was to have the navigation fixed and open at all times. I then decided that the page had enough content to fill it out and warrant a full width view, so I collapsed the navigation and added a toggle to it. The background images and colors originally changed per section, but ultimately Sarah decided on a single accent color.

Simple and Personal

The design for this project was very much inspired by the photo shoot, which made use of bright neon colors. We started with a varied palette, even building in the functionality to change the color per section, but ultimately we landed on a single highlight color, the monza red.

We stuck with a darker tone and after trying out a few typefaces for the logotype, we ended up simply using a more web based sans serif. The brand is essentially styled for the web impermanently - almost in limbo - waiting to be improved ever so slightly.

The scope for this project was rather small, so we kept everything to a single page, with the exception of the blog. I originally designed the layout with the intention of having the navigation open while you scroll, but after using the site for a little while, I decided it best to collapse it.