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Galaxy Nexus

Front End Development
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • mySQL
  • Javascript
  • PHP
Creative Director
Jeremy Bell
Back End Developers
Andy MacDonald
Project Manager
Alyssa Belova

Our team built a lot of these single page micro sites for the launch of new smartphones, and I mean a lot. I think I eventually lost count. The Google Nexus page seen here is but one example of these kinds of pages we design, built and deployed.

These pages were pretty much templated, so we had a few components we could literally reuse. In between those there were three or four custom selling points we’d tout for each device. Some had a a stylus. Some were water proof. Some had a high resolution camera. There was always a differentiator of some kind.

At a technical level, it was a good lesson in writing manageable code – code that you anticipate to manage long term. It really forced us to think of our design as a system and not as a layout. It was built to be flexible and scalable in a way so it could be updated quickly and easily, for our own sake.

Overall these projects kept my interest in smartphone trends (though admittedly I’ve been pretty loyal to Apple for years) and I enjoyed thinking through some of the technical challenges. It was also just fun keeping up with technology, even as a bystander, and seeing how each device was anticipated by a different market.