You've caught me mid development. I'm working on the site, so if you see something missing or broken, that's why.


Montana Steele Advertising
Front End Development
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
Ioan Cocan
Additional Developers
Bobby Stefanidis, Michael Ortanez
Judy Hazan
Project Manager
Robert DeMaria

I could be wrong but I believe this was the second site launched for the condominium at the time. They’ve since revamped it but this is what our team built for them pre construction some time in the Summer of 2010.

Obviously capturing registrations was our primary goal but the site needed to house everything someone would want to know about the building and location. We built a somewhat different layout for the site using sliding panels – what is essentially our typical mobile navigation these days.

A lot of the selling happens at the presentation centres but of course, the site acted as an aid to those seriously considering the purchase (perhaps pre or post visit), and as your basic brochure site for the average person who just may happen to be interested.


This site was around the time mobile was, for the first time, becoming a thing, but it wasn't quite there yet, and certainly not for the real estate industry. Just doing a site in HTML (and not Flash) was a big deal. As I mentioned, we did use a mobile style, albeit somewhat oddly, but the idea was there. Sites like these continue to evolve throughout the sales process, but this felt like a good start.