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Bell Moving Planner

Launched 6 years ago

Front End Development
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • mySQL
  • Javascript
  • PHP
Creative Director
Jeremy Bell
Justin Aguilar
Back End Developers
Nery Orellana, Andy Macdonald
Steffan Barry
Project Manager
Pamela Garces

About the Client

Bell is Canada's largest communications network, offering local, long distance and wireless telephone service, internet, and satellite.

Making Moving… Better

The Bell Moving Planner was a really fun project to work on. It was a rare time where Bell really gave us some freedom to be creative. It was less about sales and more about brand loyalty. They wanted to let their customers know they could help them through the transition of moving – not only by switching their Internet and television though, but by making their whole move a little more manageable. So that was our goal.

To do this, we made an app. An app that helped you move. First, we asked a few questions about your move – how many people you’re moving, whether you have boxes, a dolly, friends or movers – that sort of thing. We then gave you an estimate of how long we thought the move would take along side a check list you could use to measure your progress using what we called the effort calculator. As you checked items off your list, you’d see your effort meter decrease, showing how much effort was left to complete the move.


  • Linux OS
  • Apache Web Server


  • HTML / CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • mySQL


  • Wordpress

Pre Processor

  • Sass

JS Dependencies

  • Grunt.js

PHP Classes

  • PHPMailer

API Integration

  • Twitter
  • Instagram


  • Object Oriented
  • Mobile First
  • Responsive
7 Person Team
2 months
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In addition to the checklist and effort calculator, the app provided a map of your current and future destinations with directions. It also featured the ability to add your friends to your moving team and communicate with them. It's a pretty simple concept but hopefully it managed to make some of Bell's customers feel a little more organized and possibly a little more accomplished.

What Was Learned

With great power comes great responsibility. We were given a lot of freedom with this project, which meant there was a lot to cover. This project was a good exercise in user experience. We spent a lot of time thinking about what features would be most valuable to someone moving and then we thought about how those features should work.

Thinking through the user flow and the process of moving, from initial signup to the actual move day, was probably the most difficult part - not actually building the app itself, though our Lead Developer Nery who wrote the algorithm for the effort calculator, may say otherwise.

Unfortunately the app didn't get much marketing behind it, so it wasn't used as much as we'd had liked it to be, but overall, I think it did genuinely help out the users that did use it, and at a personal level, the project taught me a lot about user flow and state design.

What Went Well

I really enjoyed our brainstorming sessions for this project. Our copywriter Steffan spearheaded the conceptual phase and I think he brought a lot to the table with his experience in advertising. Everyone added their unique input, even our Project Manager, and I think that showed. It was fun, challenging and professionally rewarding.