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Midnight on the Bay

The Stills-Young Band
Year Released

I love when well known songwriters who have been playing with the same band members for years occasionally or just once release an album with other musicians because it always tells a story about them.

In this case, Stephen Stills and Neil Young of Buffalo Springfield had recorded this album “Long May You Run” with Graham Nash and David Crosby as a sort of CSNY reunion album after they had all been working on their own songs for a while. But Crosby and Nash left to record “Whistling Down the Wire” and out of anger Stills and Young apparently scrapped their vocals on it (thankfully the four of them reconciled their differences and later reunited).

Despite the loss, the album is strong and interesting in it’s own way. On the album we get a snapshot of the 1970’s as the arrangements and production shine through Neil’s songwriting. The session musicians give the song a feel that Neil isn’t typically known for.

For instance, in “Midnight on the Bay” you’ll hear Neil’s classic songwriting but you’ll also hear some polished vocal harmonies, the driving percussion of the bongo and Sills’ fluttering guitar work.