You've caught me mid development. I'm working on the site, so if you see something missing or broken, that's why.


This is an identity I submitted to – a showcase of typographic logos that graphic designers all over the world have submitted to put their city on the map.

“CitID is an ambitious project aiming to gain global consciousness by giving a (type)face to every city worldwide; big or small, rich or poor, famous or infamous, well-known or unheard-of.”

I was inspired by the diversity of our cultural “mosaic” and the original font used by our Toronto Transit Committee (TTC) in 1954. The original designer remains a mystery but thankfully David Vereschagin at Quadrat Communications was able to create a replica based on old sketches and documentation.

The alternate design was inspired by our iconic CN Tower, the Rogers Centre (formerly known as the SkyDome) and our beautiful harbour.